The Smart Way to Travel

When you plan a trip with Penguino, you get a personalized itinerary packed with everything you need to know to have a worry-free trip.


Get a personalized plan for each day of your trip.

Eat & Drink

Discover the local spots your whole family will love to eat.


Find a place to stay that's right for your family and your budget.
Penguino Travel Itinerary


Learn about history and culture before you arrive.

Health & Safety

Get all the details you need to keep kids safe and healthy.

Travel Tips

Get insider tips on how to save money and have the best experience with kids.

What’s a Guide?

A Penguino Guide is a local parent who uses their insider knowledge to plan your trip.

Where will you go?

We offer custom trip planning in 15+ cities in the United States and Europe.

Less Stress, More Fun

On average, parents spend 30+ hours planning a family vacation. We save you time while giving you the confidence to travel the way you want to.

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