Hello Dream Job

We are building a community of Guides who want to connect families to the world!

Guides are everyday moms and dads who love to inspire families to travel. Guides get paid to share how to have an amazing trip to a place they know and love. They make the world a better place by creating awareness and empowering families to explore.

What do Guides do?

Guides help families plan the adventure of their dreams – from the essentials they need need to the experiences they will love.


Collaborate with likeminded parents to curate the ultimate guide to family-friendly places in your community.


Share your culture and history. Create awareness about how to protect people and planet.


Give travelers all the details to stay safe and healthy, plus insider tips on how to have the best experience as a family.


Use our platform to create personalized itineraries that make it easy for families to travel.

Who can become a Guide?

What knits all Penguino Guides together is simple: a love for travel and a desire to make a positive impact.

Guides love to travel and seek out adventurous experiences with their own kids! They have been there and done that and enjoy sharing their insider knowledge with other families.

Guides believe that travel can change the world! Guides care about making a positive impact in their community. They love helping travelers discover their favorite places while protecting them for future generations.

We believe that we are better together. We welcome Guides from all cultures, with kids of all ages, from all types of families. We are building a diverse, inclusive community of families who love travel – this is what makes Penguino special. We bet you have something unique to offer our community!

We are looking for pioneers who want to help us transform travel.

As one of the first Guides to join us, you will help us build a community of adventurous parents. You will help us design tools that change how families plan trips. And you will help us change the world through travel!

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How does Penguino support Guides?

Guide Studio

Our platform includes a Studio where you can easily share details about your favorite places. The Studio makes it easy to manage itineraries and payments.


We provide Guides with with training and a growing list of online tools.


We love to feature Guides and their Destinations on our blog, social media and in the press.

Easy Payments

Penguino accepts payments from anywhere in the world and you get paid in your local currency. Our secure payment system means you don’t have to deal with money directly.

How much do Guides earn?

Families request and pay for itineraries directly through Penguino. As a Guide, you earn 50% of the travel planning fee, which starts at $25 per day. You will earn this fee after you deliver the complete itinerary to the family.

We estimate that on average, a one-week itinerary will take 2-5 hours, meaning Guides will earn between $15-45 per hour. As you gain experience and build your Guidebook, the process of creating itineraries will get faster.

How often do I work?

As a guide, you set your own schedule. You can confirm or decline itinerary requests according to your availability.

What about safety?

Helping our families stay safe is our number one priority. We require all of our Guides to be parents or primary caregivers who either live or have significant experience traveling to a destination.

Our screening process includes:

  • Detailed Application
  • Identity Verification
  • Background Check, if requested
  • Interview
  • Creation of a sample itinerary

We also ask families to rate Guides and the experiences they recommend. This transparency creates trust.

What are your requirements to become a Guide?

We are looking for Guides who are passionate, personable and trustworthy. We ask all Guides to commit to:

  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Safety and Security

In addition, we have a few simple requirements for all Penguino Guides:

  • Guides must be a parent or caregiver with children of any age.
  • Guides need to be proficient in reading and writing in English.
  • Guides need to pass an identify verification and be able to pass a background check.
  • Guides need to have reliable access to a computer and the internet.

How do I get started?

If you apply and are accepted as a Guide, the first steps are to create your Guide Profile, to complete the destination information and to start creating a list of your favorite places. When you have completed these steps, we will approve you to start planning itineraries. We’re here to help each step of the journey!