5 Questions: Sam the Founder of Plane Pal

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Are you inspired by brave moms and dads who fly all over the world with their kids? We are! We launched the 5 Questions series to ask families who have made adventure a priority how they make their travel dreams come true.

This month we're thrilled to interview Sam Cardone, an adventurous mom of three from Australia! When Sam realized how hard it can be to fly with three little kids, she didn't stop traveling. Instead, she invented a clever way to help kids sleep on an airplane: Plane Pal.

sam cardone the founder of plane pal

So tell us a little about you and your family.

I have 3 kids, twin girls who are 4 and a son who is 6. My husband and I have always loved travel and its a big part of our lives.

Every time someone hears about Plane Pal, they think it's genius. How did you get the idea?

Travel with three kids wasn't easy! I found myself dreading the journey every time. I would end up either pinned under sleeping kids or running up and down the aisle with over-active kids. I just thought there has to be a better way. I researched worldwide and looked at what little was available. From there I set off designing Plane Pal!

My mission for Plane Pal is simple: to help families enjoy the journey not just the destination.

Of course, Plane Pal has changed travel for our family too. I am far braver now because I know my kids will be able to sleep on the way there. We take longer flights to more adventurous destinations!

mom and child with plane pal

You are an expert in helping kids sleep on an airplane. What are your best tips?

As much as you can, keep your child's "sleep cues" the same as at home. Dress them in pajamas. Bring a bottle and a blanket or cuddle toy. Whatever you do at home, do on the plane!

We do a meal then bathroom time. We set up our Plane Pals and then do a quiet time reading a story or singing a little song. After this, our kids will sleep!  Placing a blanket over your child's seat to reduce light and noise can also help.

What is your favorite place to go on holiday with your family?

Fiji. We have gone every year since the children were born. It holds a magical place in our hearts. The people are so incredible and there is so much for families to do.

Australian families seem to love travel! What can American families learn from you?

Whether it be within your own country or across the ocean, you will never find a better classroom for your kids than the wonders of the world. Aussies have always traveled extensively. I think it helps build resilience and confidence in children, and it's definitely had a hugely positive impact on our family!

 Thanks Sam for giving us a little peek into your story! Want your kids to sleep on a plane so you can fly to more adventurous destinations too? Check out the Plane Pal.

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